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It's always the highlight of the day for me when we can sit down and plan out our topics for the podcast. I love recording every episode.


But sadly, I'm running out of funds to keep it going. After being a 24/7 caregiver for my mom for a year and a half, it's hard finding work for an over 50 person with a career history of radio broadcasting and historical interpreting.


So, I've decided to sink my energies into this podcast and I could really use your help. And I know you might be in a difficult situation or unsupportive environment and you don't wish to be found out by supporting a Transgender Podcast. I completely understand because hey ... I've been hiding for over 45 years ... I gotcha covered.

I've worked hard to create some solutions to help you support us without outing or exposing yourself. Have a look at the links below and choose which one suits you best. Thank you in advance for your support. We couldn't do it without you.

All of the links listed below are to a separate online company I created to there will be no trace on a credit card or bank statement of Tie and High Heels. Thank you for joining us.

Buy Us a Coffee

This is the most direct and simple way to show your support. Buying us a coffee is a one-time donation to the podcast. You don't have to join or sign up for anything.

  • You liked a specific episode? ... Buy us a coffee.

  • You related to something we talked about? ... Buy us a coffee. 

  • You laughed at a comment? ... Buy us a coffee.

  • You love the podcast and want to hear more? ... Buy us a coffee.

It's that simple.

Go Shopping

Like buying us a coffee, shopping at a specific online store is a one-time donation. But in this case, you get some good quality products in return. Also no signing up for anything. Get yourself some cool stuff and you'll be supporting us in the process without even thinking about it.

Become a Patron

By becoming a patron, you are becoming part of the podcast. You also gain access you all the behind-the-scenes stuff we can offer. We will give you a shout-out on the podcast (If you're cool with that), do some AMA sessions, bonus episodes of bloopers, and other mishaps that didn't make it on the episode, and so much more. Hell, we will even let you decide what you want.


Being one of our patrons means you believe in the podcast and what we're doing. And we will do everything we can to show you our appreciation ... and constantly remind you how much you rock!! 

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